Feminist Fatales Cannold, Wilson and...Muldoon?

Bemoaning Vaginal Dilemma

by Suzanne Carbone

To fix the ills of society, former health services commissioner Beth Wilson is adding actor to her impressive resume and linking arms with others in legal circles to perform The Vagina Monologues. More than able to carry off a solo performance, witty Wilson is campaigning against violence against women in a V-Day gathering with feminista fatales that could slay misogynists in a single syllable.

There’s County Court judge Liz Gaynor, former equal opportunity commissioner Moira Rayner, ethicist Leslie Cannold and fellow sisters Hilary Bonney, Taboka Finn, Tanja Kovac and Helen McKelvie.

Wilson owns the public-speaking business Lawfully Funny (because she is) and declared: ‘'I’ve never been on stage talking about my vagina. The play raises a whole lot of issues that are vitally important, such as rape, violence and domestic violence.’'

Produced by Karen Abraham and performed at the Melbourne Town Hall on April 30, the proceeds go to the Centre Against Sexual Assault and the V-Day campaign. Wilson has seen ‘'The Great Wall of Vagina’‘ by sculptor Jamie McCartney at Hobart’s MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, and funny that, because moaning is what she is perfecting for the Eve Ensler play.

Luckily, she lives near House Husbands actor Rhys Muldoon, who told her to yell out if she needed help. Given she needed to moan before she yelled, she told him: ‘'I’m having trouble with my opera moan and we did the Carmen song as a moan.’'


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