05:45 PM - 08:03 PM, 02 Apr 2015: How to Live Better Everyday - Leslie at inaugural TSOL Live Event

Looking at familiar things through new eyes can be one of the most creative and inspiring ways to come up with ideas or just think differently. This April at The School of Life we’ve brought together some of Australia’s key thinkers to share ideas that will transform how we think about our everyday existence. With only 15 minutes each, some of Australia’s best minds will inspire us to break free from mundane routines and enjoy ourselves along the way.

In this inaugural TSOL Live event in Australia, you’ll be guided through ideas and exercises, with musical interludes from musician and comedian The Bedroom Philosopher. You’ll leave with inspiration and fresh perspectives on subjects as diverse as poetics, architecture, mindfulness and mortality.

Everyday Insight with Leslie Cannold

Psychoanalysis is out; somatic therapies are in. But whatever tool is deployed to achieve it, knowing what makes you and others tick is key to an ethical life. In this deeply personal talk, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold describes her own journey to the centre of her psyche and what she learned about how changing the world within us is key to changing the world around us.

The Architecture of Your Every Day with Esther Anatolitis

Writer and arts advocate Esther Anatolitis will help us think differently about the ways in which our built environment affects us every day, and the ways in which we affect it. While architectural masterpieces like art galleries, concert halls and churches are designed to uplift and inspire, what about the urban and suburban spaces that surround us every day?

Contemplating Mortality with Pierz Newton-John

We are often so ambivalent about the one thing about which we can all be absolutely and irrefutably certain: we will die. Writer, web developer and former psychotherapist Pierz Newton-John questions our ambivalence and suggests how the contemplation of mortality can help us to lead a fulfilling life.

Mindfulness at Work with Elise Bialylew

Doctor, Mindful in May founder and TSOL faculty member Elise Bialylew is here to help us achieve calm and clarity in our busy work lives. In a world of infinite emails, constant meetings, stress and pressure, mindfulness can help us to train our minds to support us to be more focused, clear and effective.

The Poetics of Daily Life with Robert Wood

Language is all around us. We overhear people speak on mobile phones, we read vast quantities of words online and see language on billboards, t-shirts and in shop windows. But what are we to do with all this language? Poet, editor and printer Robert Wood is here to show us how we can save ourselves from drowning in this flood of human language.

Please note that this event will include Auslan interpretation.

This event is open to the Public. Tickets at link below