17 Sep 2009: Leslie and Adam the Classic Couple

Leslie and her partner Adam were just named the first “Classic Couple” for the Elsternwick Classic Cinema. After a stint in makeup and a whirlwind photo shoot in the local area, they are slated to arrive at the opening of Days of Summer at the Classic to find the images of their romantic day up on the big screen. Come along if you want to see them in person, stills of them walking along the beach and feeding one another choc tops and popcorn, and the first screening of what is meant to be a good film.

What: Opening night of the film Days of Summer

Where: The Elsternwick Classic Cinema, 9 Gorden St (off Glenhuntly Road), Elsterwick

When: Thursday 17 September at 6:00pm

For more information: [maleela.jullyan@readingcinemas.com.au](mailto:maleela.jullyan@readingcinemas.com.au)or the Classic on 9534 7900