05:00 PM - 06:30 PM, 05 Sep 2013: Leslie chats with David Williamson about his new MTC Play, Rupert

On the eve of the election, don’t miss one of the most interesting events of the year – a conversation between Leslie and one of Australia’s best-known playwrights David Williamson.

Informed by some of the themes of David Williamson’s world premiere production Rupert, come along for a robust discussion of objectivity, the rise of the Networked Fourth Estate and the worldwide people’s movement demanding transparency and accountability.

The traditional media is increasing unwilling – or unable – to fulfill its democratic mandate of exposing the workings of power, but why? Is the problem media concentration, or self-regulation? What role has the internet, and the academic assault on objectivity and truth played? Will they name the elephant in the room and ask whether the sabotaging of the Australian media is an inside job, and if so, what can be done to save it?

PanellistsStephen Mayne – Founder of Crikey, Shareholder Activist and Melbourne City Councillor Dr Margaret Simons – Journalist, Writer and Director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism, University of Melbourne David Williamson – Australian Playwright

Curator and hostDr Leslie Cannold – Author, Pubic Speaker, Social Commentator and Activist

This event is now finished. If you missed it, watch at the link below