Leslie Co-Hosts The Conversation Hour with Raphael Epstein

Rafael Epstein was in the hot seat today, filling in for Jon Faine, and he was ably assisted by co-host Dr Leslie Cannold, ethicist, author of The Book of Rachael and columnist.

The carbon tax was the topic of the day and there were some interesting questions to thrash out about the media coverage of the tax. From the scientist’s perspective, the media looks like a hungry beast always looking for conflicting views, even if some of them aren’t scientifically valid – according to Dr Tom Beer, who’s just stepped down as president of the IUGG, the International Union of Geophysics and Geodesy.

They were joined by author Stephen Gray, who told of us journey from a ‘dog eat dog’ view of Aboriginal-white Australian relations to a greater understanding of exactly what was lost duringt the process of colonisation and dispossession. The result is his new book, The Protectors, which looks at the motivations and practices of those charged with protecting indigenous people – and the effects of those actions.

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