05:15 PM - 06:30 PM, 10 Jun 2015: Leslie interviews Kylie & Alan Trounson at Melb Convo/MTC Event

Leslie returns to the MTC stage to chat with playwright Kylie Trounson, her famous Dad and legal infertility expert Loane Skene about all things Assisted Reproduction.

The event precedes a performance of The Waiting Room, in which Kylie explores the world before and after her father, Emeritus Professor Alan Trounson, made breakthrough after breakthrough in fertility research.

Cast & Creatives

William McInnes Kate Atkinson Brett Cousins

Bonus offer of a saving of $22 for a pair of A Reserve Seats to The Waiting Room for shows between 10 June and 17 June (Limit of two tickets per person. Regular booking fees apply and subject to ticket availability), if you book to come to the talk

This event is open to the public.