09 Aug 2014 - 10 Aug 2014: Leslie Talks Gender & Science at Bendigo Writer's Festival

Leslie will be a guest at the following events at the Bendigo Writer’s Festival.

Sat Aug 9, 1.45-2.45 A WOMAN’S PLACE: Jane Long leads Leslie Cannold, Jane McCredie and Jeff Sparrow in a discussion about gender roles and whether feminism has changed our expectations about the way women and men behave. Do women make good leaders? Does sexism cut both ways?

Sun Aug 10, 11.15-12.30 SCIENCE MATTERS: How we value and support science research is back in the spotlight. Do we teach it properly, talk about it enough, write about it well? David Holmes talks with Natasha Mitchell, Jane McCredie, Leslie Cannold and John Pickrell about their passion for science and how to make it more enticing for more readers

*Open to the Public *