Leslie Wins EVA award for Column on Sexual Assault

The EVAs’s reward reporters who report responsibly on violence against women. In 2011, Leslie won the EVA for Best Opinion for her piece “There are many reasons women don’t report rape” on the media coverage of sexual violence by elite athletes in the AFL and her own experience of sexual assault.

The Judges Remarked:

“This is a courageous piece of writing in which Leslie draws on her own experience of rape to reflect on victim blaming in media coverage of rape allegations against AFL players. She describes the double messages about sexual freedom communicated to young women and the barriers to disclosing rape. Despite the horrific nature of its content the piece also conveys a sense of hope, noting changes in the way more young men now respect women as equals and are coming to understand the real meaning of consent”

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an [EVA award](http://www.evas.org.au/index.php/evas-winners/2011) for gender-sensitive reporting

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