29 Aug 2011: Moonee Ponds Welcomes Leslie & Rachael

Many stories have been told of the charismatic young preacher from Nazareth and his followers. In her new historical novel, Leslie Cannold imagines a sister for him called Rachael, a gifted rebel who questions why woman must be assigned a life of drudgery. Leslie develops a story that not only looks at the role of women in traditional cultures but also at themes of betrayal and divided loyalties as Rachael becomes romantically involved with her brother’s close friend, Judas of Iscariot Leslie Cannold is one of Australia’s top public intellectuals, holding a position at Melbourne University, contributing opinion pieces to various media outlets including the Age, and has been a panellist on Q&A (ABC TV). She was named Australian Humanist of the Year in 2011.

Come here Leslie speak at the Sam Merrifield Library, Moonee Ponds Events open to the public and free, but bookings necessary. Please ring: 8325 1950