12:30 PM - 01:30 PM, 30 Nov 2012: Three Decades of the AIDS Pandemic: The Beginning of the End?

Since its emergence in the early 1980s, HIV/AIDS has killed over 25 million people. Thanks to the development of effective HIV treatments, fewer people are now dying of AIDS caused by HIV infection, and the number of people living with HIV infection has increased to an estimated 34 million.

Even in countries like Australia, which responded rapidly and effectively to HIV/AIDS, new HIV infection rates are increasing (off a low base). International funding for HIV/AIDS has levelled off, just at the moment when substantial progress is being made and while treatments are effective, the prospect of an HIV vaccine or a cure remains elusive.

As we enter the fourth decade of AIDS, what is the global, regional and Australian outlook for the future course of the HIV/AID pandemic? What is the state of research into a cure, or a vaccine for HIV/AIDS? How are governments and the HIV sector working to reduce the recent rise in HIV infections?

Join Leslie as part of a panel of of distinguished HIV/AIDS researchers, activists and political leaders for a wide-ranging discussion on the past, present and future of HIV/AIDS.

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