07:30 PM - 10:30 PM, 27 Mar 2013: To think, love & sleep well, one must dine well - Leslie Hosts TSOL Closing Feast

The life of modernist author and thinker Virginia Woolf straddles the centuries (1882 – 1941) – born into the Victorian world of stiff etiquette and tea parties, she found comrades in the struggle for women’s suffrage and formed a tight network of friends and lovers, The Bloomsbury Group, of writers, artists and thinkers in the free-wheeling 1920’s.

Join us for a feisty evening of food and conversation as we wrap up our first term of The School of Life Australia. Award-winning author and commentator, Leslie Cannold will lead us through the evening, exploring what Woolf’s life and works can teach us of friendship, equality, solitude, love, wealth and self reflection in the 21st century.

Get to know your fellow dinner companions in a way that literature’s greatest observer of human nature could only have approved of. As Woolf tells us, “there are no insignificant lives, only inadequate ways of looking at them.”

This event replaces the previously advertised Dinner with Simone de Beauvoir, please email melbourne@theschooloflife.com with any queries.

ABOUT MEALS We bring groups of strangers together in unique spaces to explore experiences, ideas and aspirations with the help of our especially-designed conversation menus.

During the course of the evening you’ll have the chance for in-depth conversation with a number of other guests. The themes explored vary depending on the event.

TIMETABLE 19.30 Welcome & drinks 20.00 Dinner commences 22.15 Conclusion & Final Thoughts 22.30 End

VENUE North Fitzroy Star 32/36 St Georges Road South Fitzroy North VIC 3068

This event is open to all. Booking info on School of Life website