What If Jesus Had a Sister? - Sunday Herald Sun Review

Rachael of Nazareth is an extraordinary young woman. She is brave, independent and strong and lives in the world of 30AD.

Leslie Cannold’s novel depicts the lives of Rachael and her older brother, Joshua of Nazareth and the contrast of being born male or female.

Joshua’s journey begins as a search for his lost love, but his life soon resembles that of Jesus.

Joshua roams the countyside preaching the importance of kindness and love and as he does so, his followers increase. If Joshua of Nazareth is Jesus, than Rachael is the sister of Jesus.

In telling Rachael’s story Cannold seeks to address the imbalance of the information that we have about the lives of Jesus’s sisters, if he had them.

This is a beautifully narrated story about equality, independence and love.

Four stars

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What if Jesus Had a Sister: Review of The Book of Rachael by Vittoria Bon  The Sunday Herald Sun